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Nautobot v1.5

This document describes all new features and changes in Nautobot 1.5.

If you are a user migrating from NetBox to Nautobot, please refer to the "Migrating from NetBox" documentation.

Release Overview


Custom Field Grouping (#899)

Custom fields can now be assigned to a free-text "grouping" to improve usability when a large number of custom fields are defined on a given model. In the UI, fields in the same grouping will be grouped together, and groupings can be expanded/collapsed for display purposes.

Device Redundancy Groups (#1892)

Device Redundancy Groups have been added to model groups of distinct devices that perform device clustering or failover high availability functions. This may be used to model whole device redundancy strategies across devices with separate control planes (ex: ASA failover), not devices that share a control plane (ex: stackwise switch stacks), or interface specific redundancy strategies (ex: hsrp). Device Redundancy Groups support grouping an arbitrary number of devices and may be assigned an optional secrets group and one or more optional failover strategies.

Custom Celery Task Queues (#2421)

A new optional job property task_queues has been introduced to allow Nautobot to leverage custom celery queues for jobs. This will allow you to send jobs to specific workers based on which queue is selected. This property can be set on the job class and overridden in the job model, similar to other overridable job fields. If task_queues is not defined on the job class or job model, the job will only be able to use the default queue. A new field has been added to the job run form to allow you to select a queue when you run the job and an optional field task_queue has been added to the REST API job run endpoint for the same purpose.


The default celery queue name has been changed from celery to default. If you have any workers or tasks hard coded to use celery you will need to update those workers/tasks or change the CELERY_TASK_DEFAULT_QUEUE setting in your

Added nautobot-server generate_test_data command (#2536)

A new management command, nautobot-server generate_test_data, has been added that can be used to populate the Nautobot database with various data as a baseline for manual or automated testing. This is now used internally by Nautobot's unit testing suite to create a synthetic data set that looks and feels like real data with randomly-generated values. Most importantly, the objects are created with all of the fields fully and correctly populated, to assert that each object in the database is properly exercising all features.


Be very cautious about running this command on your server instance. It is not intended to be used in production environments and will result in data loss.

Nestable LocationTypes (#2608)

LocationType definitions can now be flagged as nestable. When this flag is set, Locations of this type may nest within one another, similar to how Regions work at present. This allows you to have a variable-depth hierarchy of Locations, for example:

  • Main Campus ("Building Group" location type)
    • West Campus (Building Group)
      • Building A ("Building" location type)
      • Building B (Building)
    • East Campus (Building Group)
      • Building C (Building)
      • Building D (Building)
    • South Campus (Building Group)
      • Western South Campus (Building Group)
        • Building G (Building)
  • Satellite Campus (Building Group)
    • Building Z (Building)

In the above example, only two LocationTypes are defined ("Building Group" and "Building") but the "Building Group" type is flagged as nestable, so one Building Group may contain another Building Group.

Required Relationships (#873)

Relationships can be marked as being required. By default, relationships are not marked as being required.

To mark a relationship as being required, select "Source objects MUST implement this relationship" or conversely " Destination objects MUST implement this relationship" from the "Required on" field when editing or creating a relationship:

  • If "Destination objects MUST implement this relationship" is selected, objects of the type selected in "Destination Type" will enforce this relationship when they are created or edited.
  • If "Source objects MUST implement this relationship" is selected, objects of the type selected in "Source Type" will enforce this relationship when they are created or edited.


Database Query Caching is now Disabled by Default (#1721)

In prior versions of Nautobot, database query caching using the django-cacheops application (aka Cacheops) was enabled by default. This is determined by the default value of the CACHEOPS_ENABLED setting being set to True.

Through much trial and error we ultimately decided that this feature is more trouble than it is worth and we have begun to put more emphasis on improving performance of complex database queries over continuing to rely upon the various benefits and pitfalls of utilizing Cacheops.

As a result, the value of this setting now defaults to False, disabling database query caching entirely for new deployments. Cacheops will be removed entirely in a future release.


Users with existing files generated from earlier versions of Nautobot will still have CACHEOPS_ENABLED = True unless they modify or regenerate their configuration. If users no longer desire caching, please be sure to explicitly toggle the value of this setting to False and restart your Nautobot services.

Redesigned List Filtering UI (#1998)

Added a dynamic filter form that allows users to filter object tables/lists by any field and lookup expression combination supported by the corresponding FilterSet and API.

v1.5.0 (2022-11-08)

Unchanged from v1.5.0-beta.1.

v1.5.0-beta.1 (2022-11-07)


  • #270 - Added custom fields user guide to documentation.
  • #873 - Made it possible to require Relationships to be included when editing or creating the related models.
  • #899 - Added support for grouping of Custom Fields.
  • #1468 - Added relationship columns to ObjectListTableView and disabled sorting.
  • #1892 - Added DeviceRedundancyGroup model for representing a logical grouping of physical hardware for the purposes of high-availability.
  • #2063 - Added documentation and initial support for custom celery queues.
  • #2064 - Added task_queues job property to support custom celery queues.
  • #2227 - Added generating performance report options to 'invoke unittest'.
  • #2227 - Added invoke performance-test to
  • #2281 - Added test database fixtures for Tag and Status models.
  • #2282 - Added fixture factory for Region, Site, Location, LocationType.
  • #2283 - Added test fixture factories for Prefix and IPAddress models.
  • #2460 - Added search box filter form to generic list views.
  • #2479 - Added factory-boy as development dependency. Added factories for Tenant, TenantGroup, RIR, and Aggregate models. Updated test runner global setup to use these factories to pre-populate baseline data.
  • #2514 - Added test factories for RouteTarget, VRF, Role, VLANGroup, and VLAN models.
  • #2514 - Added OrganizationalModelFactory and PrimaryModelFactory base classes.
  • #2514 - Added TenancyFilterTestCaseMixin class.
  • #2518 - Added base_site and subtree filters to LocationFilterSet, allowing for filtering Locations by their root ancestor or its Site.
  • #2536 - Added nautobot-server generate_test_data command.
  • #2536 - Added TEST_USE_FACTORIES and TEST_FACTORY_SEED optional settings.
  • #2593 - Added StatusFactory and TagFactory classes.
  • #2594 - Added factories for DCIM DeviceRole, DeviceType, Manufacturer, and Platform.
  • #2608 - Added the option for certain LocationTypes to be nestable (similar to Regions).
  • #2617 - Added dynamic filter form support to specialized list views.
  • #2686 - Added test helper method to FilterTestCases to find values suitable for testing multiple choice filters.


  • #1892 - Updated Device to have device_redundancy_group relationship, device_redundancy_group_priority numeric property.
  • #1892 - Updated ConfigContext to have ManyToManyField to dcim.DeviceRedundancyGroup for the purposes of applying a ConfigContext based upon a Devices DeviceRedundancyGroup membership.
  • #1983 - Updated django-taggit dependency to 3.0.0.
  • #1998 - Added DynamicFilterForm to list views.
  • #2064 - Changed default celery queue name from celery to default.
  • #2170 - Updated django-constance dependency to 2.9.1; updated Jinja2 dependency to 3.1.2; updated black development dependency to 22.8.0.
  • #2282 - Changed unittests to use Site, Region, Location, LocationType fixtures.
  • #2320 - Removed PKs from Tag test database fixture.
  • #2482 - Updated djangorestframework to ~3.14.0, drf-spectacular to 0.24.2.
  • #2483 - Updated mkdocs to 1.4.2 and mkdocs-material to 8.5.8.
  • #2484 - Updated django-debug-toolbar to ~3.7.0
  • #2551 - Updated development dependency on coverage to version 6.5.0.
  • #2562 - Updated django-mptt dependency to 0.14.0.
  • #2597 - Updated GitPython dependency from 3.1.27 to 3.1.29.
  • #2615 - Changed ConfigContextFilterForms schema filter form field to support added filter field on ConfigContextFilterSet.
  • #2615 - Changed BaseNetworkQuerySet and IPAddressQuerySet to search both IPv6 and IPv4 when given search string is ambiguous.
  • #2615 - Changed test_slug_not_modified to ensure no collision on new slug source value as well as changing lookup expression from __contains to __exact.
  • #2615 - Changed DeleteObjectViewTestCase.get_deletable_object to throw a helpful failure message when deletable object not found.
  • #2645 - Updated psycopg2-binary dependency from 2.9.3 to 2.9.5.
  • #2710 - Updated pyuwsgi minimum version from 2.0.20 to 2.0.21.
  • #2711 - Updated Pillow package dependency from 9.2.0 to 9.3.0.
  • #2746 - Changed LocationType test case to not attempt to re-parent a LocationType with descendant Locations.


  • #192 - Eliminated Unit Test noisy output.
  • #2266 - Fixed navbar floating over main viewport scrollbar.
  • #2388 - Return "—" instead of "None" when relationship column is empty.
  • #2536 - Made use of test factories optional when using Nautobot test runner.
  • #2555 - Fixed broken accordion for Job list view.
  • #2615 - Fixed ConfigContextFilterSet missing schema filter but existed on form.
  • #2615 - Fixed Device(Form)TestCase flaky test setup possibly not finding a DeviceType with a Manufacturer with associated Platforms that is full depth and 1U height.
  • #2615 - Fixed Location(View)TestCase, RouteTarget(View)TestCase flaky test setup possibly finding names for csv_data that might include commas but not escaped.
  • #2615 - Fixed PrefixFactory may randomly decide to create a child of
  • #2615 - Fixed BaseNetworkQuerySet and IPAddressQuerySet only searching non-abbreviated first hextet IPv6 addresses.
  • #2615 - Fixed DynamicFilterLookupExpressionTest, VirtualChassis(Filter)TestCase, Cluster(Filter)TestCase, VirtualMachine(Filter)TestCase had too narrow of a region lookup for supported tests.
  • #2615 - Fixed RackGroup(Model)Test, Prefix(Model)Test, VLANGroup(Model)Test may randomly choose to update to the same site.
  • #2615 - Fixed Tenant(View)TestCase, RIR(View)TestCase may not find deletable objects.
  • #2615 - Fixed VLAN(View)TestCase may not find enough Sites with Locations.
  • #2691 - Fixed hard coded tests that were failing after factory fixtures were integrated.
  • #2746 - Fixed Site latitude, longitude clean method for when valid string value entered.


  • #2593 - Removed static test fixtures since we're using factories now instead.